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Dr. Gary S . Kaufman

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To my family of Patients:


Thirty-one years ago, I decided to uproot my family, and move from the Long Island neighborhood where I grew up, to Florida.  My wife, two young daughters, and I began an adventure.  After some searching, I settled into a small town called “Boynton Beach”.  Boynton Beach Boulevard was two lanes, and I was considered a pioneer.  I wanted to establish a dental practice where I could give my patients the information necessary to make educated decisions about their dental care, as well as different options to treat problems that could occur.  Boynton Beach grew, word began to spread, and the practice also grew.  


As the office got busier, I recognized the need to bring in a partner.  I wanted someone who could share my philosophy - treating patients with the care, skill, and understanding that they deserve.  Dr. Andrew Goldring, also a native Long Islander, joined the practice twenty-three years ago.   Dr. Goldring shares my passion for providing high quality care for our patients, using the most current materials and technology available.   I have been able to enjoy extended vacations out of the office, knowing that our patients are in such good hands.  Our practice continues to grow because our patients give us the best compliment they can:  referrals of their family, friends, and neighbors for our care.  For this we are truly grateful.


My family grew up, my beautiful daughters got married, and each has given me the blessing of grandchildren.  In order to have additional free time with them, Dr. Goldring and I started searching for a third dentist who could subscribe to our practice philosophy, and together better serve the needs of our growing family of patients.  


We found Dr. Jeremy Farbman, a native Floridian, and he was exactly the type of person for whom we had been looking.  Dr. Farbman joined the practice almost two years ago, bringing with him the spirit and fresh ideas of the “next generation” of dentists.   Although Dr. Farbman is a “recent” graduate, he continues to impress me with the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned dentist.   I was able to enjoy   more time out of the office, knowing that our patients were in the skilled hands of these excellent professionals.


This is a letter I was not planning to write for a few more years.  However, I have developed health issues that will not allow me to continue practicing dentistry.  Because of this, I have made the difficult decision to retire.


The office and staff will not change.  You will still be greeted by the same helpful people.  Our hygiene staff will continue to provide you with exceptional care, and Dr. Goldring and Dr. Farbman are committed to providing for your current and future dental needs in the most comfortable manner possible.  I encourage you to continue to refer your friends and family for their dental care.  There is no greater compliment than this.  I have had the privilege of working with these professionals for many years.  I feel confident not only in my decision to retire, but also that my family of patients will be cared for and treated as well as I would have cared for and treated them.


Thank you so much for your loyalty over the years, and during this transition.  I have cherished the opportunity to care for you.  Dr. Goldring, Dr. Farbman, and the office staff look forward to the same opportunity in the coming years.




Gary Kaufman, DDS




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